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100-Year-Old Startup “80% of 3,000 companies” is Japanese company.

According to the investigation by evernote, there are about 3,000 companies which have over 100 years history.
And 80% of these is Japanese companies.

Why are there many companies has long history in Japan.
The reason seems to be connected with the company at the latter part of the Edo priod(1751–1868).
A lot of company were family-run and it was bad time at that time.
And they view as important the management continuation than the expansion of business.

It is the time that “OHMI-SHONIN” who were superior merchant succeed.

Even if their growth was slow, they choose the way that they contribute to society and people by long-term perspectives than the strategy is expanding  personal profit.

evernote CEO Phil Libin set three long-term vision by the research of 100-Year-Old Startup.

1. We place importance on long-term strategy not the number of short-term plan.

2. We don’t forget the mind of start-up after 100 years.
( In love with work / Innovative / Act Decisively)

3. We purchase the design without the limit.



10 Policies of “Ohmi-shonin”

There were superior merchant who called “Ohmi-shonin” at Edo period (1603–1868) in Japan.

They have 10 polices of business.

Today I introduce those polices.

1. Business is to contribute for society and people, and the profit is a proper reward to contribution.

2. Location is more important than the size of shop(office), and the quality of your service (products) is more important than the location.

3.  Good after-sales service will make regular customer, but not some flattering remark before selling.

4. Don’t worry about the fewer funds, but worry about amount of the customer’s trust.

5. Don’t sell by force. Don’t also sell the product our customers love. You have to sell the product which is useful for customers.

6. To sell good service(product) is good act. To advertise good service(product) and to sell a large quantity is more better act.

7. Customer is pleased with freebee which is even a sheet of paper.  If you have nothing for something extra, You should make a wonderful smile.

8. Sell at regular price. To sell at a reduced price could have caused to make customer feel hurt.

9. Always think about today’s profit. Don’t sleep until today’s profit and loss calculation is over.

10. There is neither good times nor bad times for business. In any case we have to make profit.


This is 10 polices of “Ohmi-shonin” .
How do you feel those polices.
Whenever I read those polices, I get new awareness and feel that “I have to work more hard !!”

10 polices of “Ohmi-shonin” will provide you with a nice hint!


“Sanpo-yoshi” is one of the most valuable business concept in Japan.

There is the concept called “Sanpo-yoshi” in Japan.
This word was used by “Ohmi-shonin” who were superior merchant at Edo period (1603–1868).
The meaning of “Sanpo” is three element that is seller, customer and society.
And the meaning of “Yoshi” is “Good”.
This meaning of “Sanpo-yoshi” is that the important thing is to pursue a good business for not only seller benefit, but also customer and society benefit.

Do you think what is the good things for seller, customer and society?

Of course, the good things for seller is to gain a profit.
It is also important that the member of business can work with pride and worth doing.
Even if we gain much profit ,there is not a meaning if we don’t have pleasure to work.
It is regarded as a matter of time that the business don’t take good care of a working person declines.

What is the good things for customer?
I think that many working person think about this matter.
The important thing is giving pleasure to customer by using your service or products.
“Customer’s smile and pleasure is  my extreme pleasure”, if you think so, you can understand one of “Sanpo-yoshi”.

In last moments, what is the good things for society?
Even if seller and customer have enjoy and get benefit by using your service or product, how do you think, if it causes the environmental pollution?
We need to think about what kind of influence will we bring to society and the people who live in the future.
It is better that not only we avoid a bad influence , but also bring a good influence.
Your service or product owe social responsibility for the impacts on society .

Many Japanese company have adopted this concept  “Sanpo-yoshi” as company credo.



Early rising is the one of the big success factor.

Is the early rising regarded as important in your country?

Japanese believe that there is a big causal association with everyday act and success.
So successful many Japanese people are early rising.

They are up earlier than other person than common, and do study, gathering information or exercise.

We can get more time to study or work than other person by early rising.
Yes! early rising make a lot of time!!!

This small different makes greatly affects of later success.

Do you not yet believe?

Actually I decided that I will success and start to wake up early, my fortune became better rapidly.
I try to go to office earlier than anyone else.

There is the conception that called “Ingaouhou” in Japan.
This mean is that if people do good act, they would get good result, but if people do bad act, they will be bad result.
Early rising and your future (business or success and so on) don’t have the direct relations.
But there is the marvelous relations causation…^^

In the fact a lot of famous successful people (most Japanese company’s CEO and for example NIKE CEO, Apple CEO, StarbucksCEO, Twitter Founder, Yahoo! CEO and so on) are early riser.

Waking up early everyday give confidence and lead to success.

Well, early riser finish to work, study or take exercise, when common people wake up.
It is the early riser.

If you want to success or change something for your future, let’s try to wake up early.
The most imprtant thing is that you continue it everyday !!!


“Chorei” vol.2 | “Chorei” is a kind of training as professional.

By taking “Chorei” everyday as a kind of training, personal mind and skill will improves ,and the capacity of organization will be strengthened naturally.

But you must mind one point.
At first everyone have a lot of get-up-and-go.
But in many case,   “Chorei” become losing substance before realizing the effect of ““Chorei”, and only “Do” everyday.
It is most bad pattern.

Probably you will not fell the effect of “Chorei” for a while , but you should continue to do it.
The important thing is you know the significance yourselves and have a clear image what you want to make the situation by “Chorei”.

The best way is to see the real “Chorei” in Japan.
But it is very difficult, so I introduce about the detail of “Chorei” step by step.

[The purpose of “Chorei”]

1. To make a beginning of work clear and change own mind.

2. To share the schedule and to work smoothly.

3. To make communication and raise the sense of belonging of employees.

4. To reconfirm the vision of the team and make the intention unification.

5. To reconfirm the own role in the team and  raise the motivation of employees.

6. To make the action of each employee clear.

7. Training of the transmission by to speech concisely and clearly

There is such a proverb  in Japan .
“Continuation will be your big power. ”
To functionalize “Chorei” as training, we need time for  a long time.
It is important that you believe your employees and work hard together.


“Chorei” vol.1 | Morning Meeting

They do morning meeting “Chorei” at almost Japanese company.
There are a lot of company have raised sales by effect of “Chorei”.

“Chorei” is short time which is 10 minutes .
But “Chorei” bring good impact to company,  I think so by my experience so far.

They do “Chorei” on every workday, and it is important to continue “Chorei”.

There are many reason of doing “Chorei”, main reason is to share the vison of project and to start with good mental condition.

By continuing “Chorei” every day, employee have the spirit of innoveation and reform ,and they understand that why they work for thire project.

And “Chorei” makes employee who are strong in a change.
If it become in bad times,  we might need to change the situation.
So it is very important to work with employee who are strong in a change.
Japan came through the bad times in that way.
The team consists of those members is very strong! and make a big profit.

Once you start “Chorei”, please never give up!

At first probably you can’t recognize the effect of “Chorei”.
It might takes several months or years until you feel the effect.
Let’s do this patiently.

Simple important things of “Chorei” are 3 points!!

1. to be punctual.
2. set a holding time (10-15min).
3. to boost the morale of the employees.

2014-12-10 20.16.24

My friend said “Already you get everything what you want”.

Yesterday I ate dinner with my friend.

We spend happy time with delicious meal and excellent wine  together.

2014-12-10 20.16.24

2014-12-10 20.39.25

When we have some glasses of wine, my friends told me that “Already you get everything what you want. Don’t you?”

I doubted my own ears…”No way!(There should be a lot of things which I want more!)”

He continued and said “You have a wonderful family, friend, business partner,  money, car, safety house, clothes and so on.”

Certainly… I thought about what my friends has said.

I have those things (which is not particularly high-quality).

I noticed and thought again!!!

“How Japanese is rich!”

“How Japanese is insensitive to japan’s wealth!”

Even if I lose all things what I have now,  I can live for the time being and do something all over again from the beginning.

Because I live in Japan.


There are a lot of employment in Japan.

When it is an economic slump, there is the various type employment that is helper, security guard, construction worker,  part-time job of the fast food and so on.

The minimum wages that were determined legally is 888yen (about US $7.49 (today’s rate) ) in Tokyo,Japan.

So even If I lost everything, when I go about my business in earnest, I can get money for life.

In my case, I started on my own.

I am in my mid-30s.

But, I can make money as such.

Probably it is because business environment is good in Japan.


We can use toilet and get water from water service of the park in various parts of Japan. (Of course it is free!!)

Japanese are so kind, so if I said “Please give me some food”, almost people will give something to eat, I expect .

When our life is hard very much by all means, we can receive money by welfare from the government!!!

In any case, Japanese have a lot of wealth, but unfortunately almost Japanese have forgot it and grieve over their misfortune.

Japanese are mysterious race.


Japan’s bad conditon vol.1 “Japan is island countory is far from other countries”

Do you know where Japan is in the world?

Japan is at  the position that is near to the easternmost tip

(Red island is Japan in map.)


Probably you will be that it was able to be understood that Japan is far from most countries.


Japan is island country surrounded by ocean.


So we can’t use surface transportation and have to use transportation of the air route or shipping with oversea trade.

In this way Japan has the bad condition for trade business with overseas.

The flight times which are needed from Japan by direct flight are as follows.

Singapore — 7hours 50 minutes

Indian Delhi — 10hours 30 minutes

British London — 12hours 30 minutes

US NewYork — 12hours 55 minutes

Australian Sydney— 9hours 40 minutes

So far…

If we use transit air route, it need more time.

And if we use sipping, it takes 1 – 3 months !!

Do you not think that it is a bad condition?


Where is your country ?

Probably is it more better position than Japan?


Japan overcame the bad condition which is easternmost tip, island country, far from almost countries.


Today I start this web to have you know Japan well.

I believe that “Japanese Method” makes you happy, help a more substantial life and make your business to the success.
So please know about “Japanese Method”.

Unfortunately a Japanese is weak in English.
( I am no exception, too… )
So we can’t transmit Japan’s splendor to overseas people.
But I continue telling about it with “Doryoku” and “Konjyo”
(I gradually explain what is “Doryoku” and “Konjyo” what are one of the factors that Japan greatly matured into.)