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Doubt make devil.

“Doubt make devil.”

This is Japanese old proverb.

When you have doubt and  imagine the supposition,

commonly you think about bad thing.

Such as “Possibly it may be …”

Doubt thinking dominate you and rob your trust.

Your heart become dark and close, your feeling also bad.

At such time, there are a invisible devil in your heart.

Actually doubt is unneccesary worry, but many people make unneccesary devil.

At first it is important to check and believe.

Akira Yamaguchi


Make happy myself.

Do you bully yourself?

“Why can I not do it?”

“Why can I not realize my ideal?”

“Why can I not make more and more money?”

Why? Why? Why?

These consideration bring unhappy fortune.

People who can’t make happy themselves, they can’t find happiness in their life.

You are the one and only existence in the world.

So first of all you should value yourself, and have confidence in yourself.

Don’t bully yourself, but make happy and value yourself.

Akira Yamaguchi


The power of “Omoiyari”.

There are the word “Omoiyari” in Japan.

The meaning of “Omoiyari ” is the consideration for others warmly and heartfully.

If there are the people who had deeply sadness, you might say nothing but be there together.

If there are the people who is depressed for fate, you might say something cheerful word.

It is “Omoiyari”.

“Omoiyari” can’t resolve someone’s problem, but it would be special cause of miracle for someone.

We can’t buy “Omoiyari” by money.

“Omoiyari” is priceless thing for people.

It is very very special present for people from people.

Let’s have “Omoiyari” each other.

Akira Yamaguchi


Japanese people value “En”.

The relationship among people is called “En” in Japan.
The unit of Money of Japan is also called “En”.
Circle is also called “En”.
But these have different Kanji(Chinese Character).
There is thought called “Kotodama” in Japan.
The thought is that a soul dwells in words, and words has power.
So Japanese values their words, and there are a lot of words which has same sound.
The relationship and money and circle have the image that are circulation and connection.
(Japanese is very difficult! almost an incantation…)
The power of words are very useful to Japanese believe themselves.

Akira Yamaguchi


Long-lived country

According to the survery by WHO, Japan is the most long-lived country in 194 countries joining WHO.

It is thought that the reason includes the improvement of medical development and meal.

But I think that the spirituality is greatly related,too.

It has been thought that a state of the mind was connected with physical state for a long time in Japan.

So Japanese people pursued it deeply what was true happiness.

In that way it is a concept called “Wa” and “Rita” to have been born.

To make happy not only myself but also other person.

Japanese discovered the stability of the heart there.

Akira Yamaguchi


We can’t become rich by chance.

We can’t become rich by chance.
In other words everyone can be rich.
The flow of wealth is visible.
There are the profitable structure.
Success person is the person who success to make these structure.
To make these structure, you should think and analyze by your own feeling.
We can’t become rich by chance.
Think and think by your own brain.
Don’t be confused by convenient information.

Akira Yamaguchi


Why should we be rich?

Why should we be rich?
What do you think about it?
There are utmost protection system for vulnerable groups in society (elderly person, parson with a disability, pregnant woman, person who can’t work for some reason) in Japan.
I think that because Japan became rich, Japan could realize these system.
If it is all we could do to support ourselves, people can’t be kind each other.
Japanese educated to be kind to person even is we are poor.
But it is easier to be kind when we are rich than when we are poor.
So we should be rich.

Akira Yamaguchi

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Have attitude of “Kenkyo”.

There are Japanese word “Kenkyo” which we can’t express in English.
Even if you think you have splendid talent or skill, you shouldn’t show it off.
This is the meaning of “Kenkyo”.
If you were praised, you show attitude that “I have to train and study more and more.” or “Thanks to other people’s cooperation.”
Japanese think that the talent or skill aren’t made by only personal effort, but thanks to others.
So Japanese value having attitude of “Kenkyo”.

Akira Yamaguchi