About Japanese Method

What is the “Rich” for you?
Money? Resources? Force…?

I am Akira Yamaguchi, Japanese.

I was wondering about that the whole time.
Why are there many Japanese succeeding in business?
Why does the most of Japanese have the fully or more money to live?
Why is the most of Japanese city a safe place where Japanese can spend night in peace?
Why are there no internal disturbance and riot in Japan even at the time of state of emergency like an earthquake and disaster happened?
Why can Japanese receive enough education, if oneself expects it?
Why does Japanese respect the overseas person as well as they proud that they are Japanese?
Why is Japan said to be a “Rich Country”.

About 70 years ago, Japan lost World War 2.
The land of Japan became the ash by air raids.
Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Japanese lost their house and could not get their food.

Everyone was poor.

But only 10 years later, Japan was the period of the high growth of economy and became the first developed country in Asia.
And now, the GDP is the third place of the world.
Of particular note is that many famous enterprises have emerged, and many Japanese active in many spheres.

Japan is poor in natural resources such as oil, coal, natural gas, iron ore and so on.
But Japanese have imported those natural resources and created products.
And they have exported them and got a high evaluation.
So I think that Japanese are good at a production scheme and Japan’s original marketing.

I think that the reason is not because Japanese is a particularly superior race.
But I think that the reason is because Japanese have Japan’s original philosophy, psychogender and the teaching was inherited for a long time.

I call them “Japanese Method”.
Don’t you want to know about it?

I believe that “Japanese Method” makes you happy, help a more substantial life and make your business to the success.
Please know about “Japanese Method”.


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