“Chorei” vol.3 | How to do “Chorei”.

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The progression of “Chorei” methods are different every company.
I introduce the common “Chorei” method.

1. Gather at the regular time (all the members basecally).

2. At first we start “Chorei” with good greetings.
“Everyone good morning! (with smile!!) “.

3. All of them chant company vision or motto.

4. The person of each section report the result of yesterday and explain today”s plan.

5. The employee gives a speech about the aims of this week.
(If there are many number of employee, chosen person do it.)

6. President of top member make a speech.

7. Closing remarks.
“Let’s work hard today together! ”

To take many time for “Chorei” affect work.
So 10 or 15 minutes is best time.
If your company have the many number of employee, you have to think better way such as doing “Chorei” at each section.

There are company doing “Good & New” instead of making a someone’s speech.

Do you know “Good & New”?
“Good & New” is like a game.
Someone (for example President) take a small ball and say something own good or new news.(clap our hands if over)
Next, the person who have ball call next person’s name and throw  a small ball.
The person who is called own name catch a ball and say own good and new news.
We repeat this as far as time permits.

This “Good & New” is very effective to make employee”s emotion, atmosphere of the company, etc. more excited!
Good or new happy news makes people smile.
Please try this.

“Chorei” archives

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