“Chorei” vol.1 | Morning Meeting

They do morning meeting “Chorei” at almost Japanese company.
There are a lot of company have raised sales by effect of “Chorei”.

“Chorei” is short time which is 10 minutes .
But “Chorei” bring good impact to company,  I think so by my experience so far.

They do “Chorei” on every workday, and it is important to continue “Chorei”.

There are many reason of doing “Chorei”, main reason is to share the vison of project and to start with good mental condition.

By continuing “Chorei” every day, employee have the spirit of innoveation and reform ,and they understand that why they work for thire project.

And “Chorei” makes employee who are strong in a change.
If it become in bad times,  we might need to change the situation.
So it is very important to work with employee who are strong in a change.
Japan came through the bad times in that way.
The team consists of those members is very strong! and make a big profit.

Once you start “Chorei”, please never give up!

At first probably you can’t recognize the effect of “Chorei”.
It might takes several months or years until you feel the effect.
Let’s do this patiently.

Simple important things of “Chorei” are 3 points!!

1. to be punctual.
2. set a holding time (10-15min).
3. to boost the morale of the employees.

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