Why did Japanese not rob.

About 4 years ago (14 May 2011), ‘The Great East Japan Earthquake’ attacked our country.

A huge tunami attacked the northern part of Japan.
And a lot of people die.
These area is still the middle of the revival.

Just after the earthquake, there are nothing.
Water, food, clothes, of course house.

But Japanese didn’t rob.
They bought a few products which are left in the convenience store by payment.
On the contrary, there are shop master who distributed a product to gratis.
They lined up in turn and received the support supplies which ware finally distributed.
Of course, nobody leaves out a turn and there are no confusion.
There is not the person raising a loud voice.

“Help each other, when we have trouble.”
“We should think first about what we have to do for everyone.”
This thought strongly roots in a Japanese.

Even if you rob someone’s belonging, it satisfy only your temporary desire.
It become nothing else.

Many Japanese consider about  that what is the most valuable act for everyone  on these condition.
Many Japanese think that if you have the energy to rob someone’s belonging, you should use the energy for other good things.

Which do you think is better that you think about only yourself or everyone?

At result, which one is better for you?

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