Don’t decide when your feelings swing

When your feeling move, you shouldn’t decide.

Human being can’t make correct decision, when we angry, grieve, be disgusting

For example we have meeting and be disgusting by someones remark.

You can’t allow someones remark and your feeling very hot.

At such time people can’t think healty and positive, but negative.

So when you feel your feeling move, you stop to consider about decision and make a time.

Calm your heart and make positive decition.

Akira Yamaguchi

Failure is experience.

When people feel that we are failed, we are always disappointed.

Sometimes we are disappointed so as not to be able to recover.

So we are afraid of failuer.

But don’t be afraid of failuer.

If you have fear failure, we can’t go ahead.

Failure is not failuer.

Failure is experience.

Go ahead.

Akira Yamaguchi

Pressure is energy.

When you are left with big project, you might feel learge pressure.

At such time, please remember this word “Pressure is energy.”

One Japanese big company president who is my menter teach this word.

“You don’t need to feel any nervous, when you feel pressure.

Pressure is energy. Let’s change your pressure to power.”

When I hear this word, my pressure disappear and I feel to be full of fight.

Akira Yamaguchi

What is the management?

What image do you have for “Management”?

I think that management isn’t only to control employee and status control.

The important thing for management is to be concerned about employee’s growth and to keep high motivation and our vision.

If your subordinate can’t realize your denotation, you should think about why he/she can’t this.

Consider about what is the cause and have effort to resolve the problem together.

Akira Yamaguchi

What is the readership?

What image do you have, when you hear “Readership”?

Personal magnetism? Good presentention? Hard mental? High motivation?

Certainly those are needed for good readership, but those are not essence.

I think that “Readership” is that staff think “For you”.

“We work hard for our boss.”

“We consider hard for our company and reader.”

“We make efforts for our boss.”

If employees think as those, your effort as reader is growing.

It is wonderful thing to be seemed “for you” by employees ,don’t you think so?

Akira Yamaguchi


Keep clean working space.

Many Japanese success company keep to clean their office and shop.
They sometimes use cleaning service, but in many case they do cleaning by themselves everyday.
Do you think that clean office or shop is related with business success?
Because you are busy, is your office or shop not dirty?
Dirty working space is not only getting staff or customer unpleasant but also causes the mistake and accident.
People think that cleaning time is useless time, but actually cleaning time make a lot of the causes of profit.
So keep cleaning your working space in mind.

Akira Yamaguchi