Do the customer remember your product or service?

The reason that the customer don’t use your product or service is they forget it.
In many case, we don’t recognize it.

You know that human being is an animal to forget.
In these days, there are a lot of information around us.
It means that there are many choices for customer.
If you don’t inform your products or service information effectively,
customer forget them.

But the most important thing for not to be forgot is to be loved by many people.

How should we do to be loved people.
Good design? high service? high quality? good taste? charming staff?

I think these aren’t essential elements.

The most important thing to be dearly loved is to give a strong impression and extreme pleasure, when people use your products or service.

What kind of situation do we feel that?
It is the time when we feel that the shop or company people really value us.

Do you think about customer seriously?