[Vol.1-1] Kazuo Inamori

Mr. Kazuo Inamori (Born in 1932) is one of the famous entrepreneur in Japan.

When he was 27 years old, he became president of “Kyosera“.
Kyosera” is the big company which include 230 group company now.
About 70,000 people work for this company.

He established KDDI which is one of the Japanese three major mobile companies in 1984.

It is said that people who work for his company is very happy by his business method.
And his company have continued to run in the black since inauguration.

In 2010, One of the Japanese two major airline company “JAL” was bankrupted.
JAL has filed for civil rehabilitation proceedings.
All JAL staff was disappointed.
Then Japanese nation requested Mr. Inamori to be the president of JAL.

Mr. Inamori told at some interview.
He had continued to refuse the request of Japanese nation before the failure of  JAL.
Because he is old age and he don’t have any experience of airline industry.
But he decided to accept the request finally.
If the failure of JAL will be completed,  Japanese economy will hit hard.
The sales amount of JAL is  2trillion yen and 50,000 people worked for JAL.
Many subcontractor may be also bankrupted.
The restructuring of 15,000 people was already decided in those days.
But there were about 35,000 employees.
He thought that it was important to keep their employment.
The last reason was for their customer.
There are just two major airline company in Japan.
If there is only one airline company, healthy competition environment and their service was decline and the price become expensive.
So he decided to become president of JAL.

Besides, he work without payment.

Do you doubt your ear?
Yes! he did his hard work without payment!!

By his operational reform, JAL’s company profits was 200billion yen in 2012.
JAL revived in only two years!!

He is really splended person.

Now many Japanese entrepreneur study his business method, and Mr. Inamori have accepted the demand willingly.

Now he work hard to educate young company president.

His business method is called “Amoeba Management”.

There are his book of the English translation.
Please use it as a reference.

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People don’t act by command.

If you are manager, you may grieve that your staff don’t act as you think.
If you have subordinate, you may worry about human relations.

I assert first.
People don’t act by command at a business scene.

When you are irritated,  do you not expose anger , because of your staff don’t act as you think?

When you expose anger, human people want to quiet anger instinctively.
So they are hard to quiet your anger, but they hear nothing which is  your word.
They may only say “I’m sorry.”or “I understand”.
Actually they don’t understand anything.

What you have to consider is how do you tell your staff.
Your considerate is not getting through at that point when you can’t consider about that.

When your human relationship is bad going, mostly you consider about only yourself and you lost sight of the important thing.
Probably the situation is “Follow me!”.

If you want to your staff to act as you think, you have to communicate and build trust with your staff first.
You have to communicate with your staff everyday! many time !  to build strongly trust.
It is no exaggeration to say that your business will be good or bad.

The relationship  of mutual trust with you make staff act voluntarily.


Why did Japanese not rob.

About 4 years ago (14 May 2011), ‘The Great East Japan Earthquake’ attacked our country.

A huge tunami attacked the northern part of Japan.
And a lot of people die.
These area is still the middle of the revival.

Just after the earthquake, there are nothing.
Water, food, clothes, of course house.

But Japanese didn’t rob.
They bought a few products which are left in the convenience store by payment.
On the contrary, there are shop master who distributed a product to gratis.
They lined up in turn and received the support supplies which ware finally distributed.
Of course, nobody leaves out a turn and there are no confusion.
There is not the person raising a loud voice.

“Help each other, when we have trouble.”
“We should think first about what we have to do for everyone.”
This thought strongly roots in a Japanese.

Even if you rob someone’s belonging, it satisfy only your temporary desire.
It become nothing else.

Many Japanese consider about  that what is the most valuable act for everyone  on these condition.
Many Japanese think that if you have the energy to rob someone’s belonging, you should use the energy for other good things.

Which do you think is better that you think about only yourself or everyone?

At result, which one is better for you?


Happy new year!! from Japan.

Happy new year everyone.
I wish that 2015 will be happy year for everyone!

Well Japanese value New Year’s Day.
Because Japanese believe that our guardian deity of the year come on New Year’s Day.
So we clean up our house and office on the last day of previous year.

We also believe that we can clean up “Kegare (like a Impurity, guilt)” on the last day of previous year and we restart from New Year’s Day.
In other words, we also clean up our mind and body.
Therefore many Japanese go to Shinto shrine and wish our health, happiness, safety, world peace and so on.

The decisions made on New Year’s Day are the key of successful year.
This is Japanese old proverb.
It is  one of the reason of  the importance of New Year’s Day.

Many business person consider about business of the year and plan their business again.
And they set their goal and decide that how do they spend their time.
For example…
* I wake up at 5 a.m. and study about business method before attendance.
* I run everyday for my health.
* I acquire new skill for my step up.
* I achieve business objectives.

Once you set your goal of the year, you check your decision and do! and do! and do! everyday!!!
One of the secret of Japanese success is doing their decision everyday in spite of everything.
It is not too much to say that this is the first reason of Japanese strength.