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What is the thing which you really need?

The old rich man who I respect said

“When I will die, I will not leave any my property daringly, because I can’t bring nothing to heaven.

So I use all my property for people before I die.

You think so that, do you not think that it is stupid to live only for huge property.”

How do you think to hear this story?

What is the thing which you really need?

If you think about this, you might become happier.

Akira Yamaguchi


Get in line.

There is the famous episode that Japanese get in line to get the distribution of food,when the big earthquake was occurred and there are not water and food.

In the situation of such emergency, most people seems to think about only myself or family.

So riot and plunder are more likely to happen.

But there are no riot in Japan, when the big earthquake was occured in 2011.

The reason of this is the education of Japan.

Japanese children have edudation of “Doutoku” at elementary school.

“Doutoku” is the education to think about the style of people should be.

“Don’t hurt other people.”

“Think about not only myself but also other people.”

“Value other people kindness.”

and so on.

This mental education make kindly action of Japanese.

Akira Yamaguchi


You see tree, but you can’t see forest.

Whenever I interview mentor for business, I like to ask this question:

“How do you think about it, and why do you think so.”

When mentor’s opinion was different from mine, I always wondered why that is so.

When I couldn’t understand about the reason, sometime I followed my opinion (mostly I failed).

“You see tree, but you can’t see forest.” is Japanese old proberb.

The meaning of this is people who see one side of things are restricted by small world, so you sould get things in perspective .

The people like a mentor have a lot of experience, so they have strong tacit knowledge.

To hear the mentor’s opinion and get things widely is important for early success.

Akira Yamaguchi


The balance of work and life is very important.

Do you work too much to realize your dream?

Because I thought only my work and I worked too hard , I lost a lot of important thing.

Many people think that if we work hard, and we think about only our work, we will success someday.

It is failure.

When we have begun to work hard, our life seems to get along well.

And we consider about only our works and live for our work.

Probably someday you think “Why do my life not go well? I make much effort…”.

The balance of work and life is very important for us.

And the balance of work and life is your feeling balance.

Even if you work hard, if your feeling is bad condition, your life doesn’t go well.

Is Your feeling balance plus or minus?

If your feeling incline to the positive direction, there is a possibility that you give away to enthusiasm.

If your feeling incline to the positive direction, there is a possibility that you hurt yourself.

To keep feeling balance is very important.

If you keep your good feeling balance, it is easier to success.

There are such a principle in this world.

Before you go to bed everynight, close your eyes and control your breathing and let’s check your feeling ballance.

Plus? or Minus?

Keep your feeling at middle area.

Please refer to it.

Akira Yamaguchi


Doubt make devil.

“Doubt make devil.”

This is Japanese old proverb.

When you have doubt and  imagine the supposition,

commonly you think about bad thing.

Such as “Possibly it may be …”

Doubt thinking dominate you and rob your trust.

Your heart become dark and close, your feeling also bad.

At such time, there are a invisible devil in your heart.

Actually doubt is unneccesary worry, but many people make unneccesary devil.

At first it is important to check and believe.

Akira Yamaguchi


Make happy myself.

Do you bully yourself?

“Why can I not do it?”

“Why can I not realize my ideal?”

“Why can I not make more and more money?”

Why? Why? Why?

These consideration bring unhappy fortune.

People who can’t make happy themselves, they can’t find happiness in their life.

You are the one and only existence in the world.

So first of all you should value yourself, and have confidence in yourself.

Don’t bully yourself, but make happy and value yourself.

Akira Yamaguchi


Why did Japanese not rob.

About 4 years ago (14 May 2011), ‘The Great East Japan Earthquake’ attacked our country.

A huge tunami attacked the northern part of Japan.
And a lot of people die.
These area is still the middle of the revival.

Just after the earthquake, there are nothing.
Water, food, clothes, of course house.

But Japanese didn’t rob.
They bought a few products which are left in the convenience store by payment.
On the contrary, there are shop master who distributed a product to gratis.
They lined up in turn and received the support supplies which ware finally distributed.
Of course, nobody leaves out a turn and there are no confusion.
There is not the person raising a loud voice.

“Help each other, when we have trouble.”
“We should think first about what we have to do for everyone.”
This thought strongly roots in a Japanese.

Even if you rob someone’s belonging, it satisfy only your temporary desire.
It become nothing else.

Many Japanese consider about  that what is the most valuable act for everyone  on these condition.
Many Japanese think that if you have the energy to rob someone’s belonging, you should use the energy for other good things.

Which do you think is better that you think about only yourself or everyone?

At result, which one is better for you?


Japanese values “Jingi” very much.

Japanese values human relationships very much.

Once if they got helped or receive favor by someone, they will never forget the kindness .
(Of couse many people who help or give favor don’t expect your return.)

For example, in my case, When I start up my business, Mr.S introduce some customers.
Thanks to his introduction, my business spread and I could get profit.
If there aren’t his introduction, I might not succeed.
So if Mr.S have some trouble, I will do everything what I can do.
Japanese especially think about what they can do for thire benefactor.
It becomes a matter of course.
So if you return evil for good, you will be criticized intensely.
To return evil for good is most disliked in Japan.

The kindness is the best present for us.
If you don’t have personal magnetism, you never get any kindness.
So it is no exaggration that your success depend on someone’s kindness.
In other words your success depend on your personal magnetism.