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“Chorei” vol.3 | How to do “Chorei”.

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The progression of “Chorei” methods are different every company.
I introduce the common “Chorei” method.

1. Gather at the regular time (all the members basecally).

2. At first we start “Chorei” with good greetings.
“Everyone good morning! (with smile!!) “.

3. All of them chant company vision or motto.

4. The person of each section report the result of yesterday and explain today”s plan.

5. The employee gives a speech about the aims of this week.
(If there are many number of employee, chosen person do it.)

6. President of top member make a speech.

7. Closing remarks.
“Let’s work hard today together! ”

To take many time for “Chorei” affect work.
So 10 or 15 minutes is best time.
If your company have the many number of employee, you have to think better way such as doing “Chorei” at each section.

There are company doing “Good & New” instead of making a someone’s speech.

Do you know “Good & New”?
“Good & New” is like a game.
Someone (for example President) take a small ball and say something own good or new news.(clap our hands if over)
Next, the person who have ball call next person’s name and throw  a small ball.
The person who is called own name catch a ball and say own good and new news.
We repeat this as far as time permits.

This “Good & New” is very effective to make employee”s emotion, atmosphere of the company, etc. more excited!
Good or new happy news makes people smile.
Please try this.

“Chorei” archives


“Chorei” vol.2 | “Chorei” is a kind of training as professional.

By taking “Chorei” everyday as a kind of training, personal mind and skill will improves ,and the capacity of organization will be strengthened naturally.

But you must mind one point.
At first everyone have a lot of get-up-and-go.
But in many case,   “Chorei” become losing substance before realizing the effect of ““Chorei”, and only “Do” everyday.
It is most bad pattern.

Probably you will not fell the effect of “Chorei” for a while , but you should continue to do it.
The important thing is you know the significance yourselves and have a clear image what you want to make the situation by “Chorei”.

The best way is to see the real “Chorei” in Japan.
But it is very difficult, so I introduce about the detail of “Chorei” step by step.

[The purpose of “Chorei”]

1. To make a beginning of work clear and change own mind.

2. To share the schedule and to work smoothly.

3. To make communication and raise the sense of belonging of employees.

4. To reconfirm the vision of the team and make the intention unification.

5. To reconfirm the own role in the team and  raise the motivation of employees.

6. To make the action of each employee clear.

7. Training of the transmission by to speech concisely and clearly

There is such a proverb  in Japan .
“Continuation will be your big power. ”
To functionalize “Chorei” as training, we need time for  a long time.
It is important that you believe your employees and work hard together.


“Chorei” vol.1 | Morning Meeting

They do morning meeting “Chorei” at almost Japanese company.
There are a lot of company have raised sales by effect of “Chorei”.

“Chorei” is short time which is 10 minutes .
But “Chorei” bring good impact to company,  I think so by my experience so far.

They do “Chorei” on every workday, and it is important to continue “Chorei”.

There are many reason of doing “Chorei”, main reason is to share the vison of project and to start with good mental condition.

By continuing “Chorei” every day, employee have the spirit of innoveation and reform ,and they understand that why they work for thire project.

And “Chorei” makes employee who are strong in a change.
If it become in bad times,  we might need to change the situation.
So it is very important to work with employee who are strong in a change.
Japan came through the bad times in that way.
The team consists of those members is very strong! and make a big profit.

Once you start “Chorei”, please never give up!

At first probably you can’t recognize the effect of “Chorei”.
It might takes several months or years until you feel the effect.
Let’s do this patiently.

Simple important things of “Chorei” are 3 points!!

1. to be punctual.
2. set a holding time (10-15min).
3. to boost the morale of the employees.