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Work is pleasure.

Do you enjoy your work?

Do you feel “I work for money.”,”Working is boring.”,”Workin is tough”,”I don’t want to work.”?

But most best way to success and enjoy your life and get money is to enjoy your work and to work for someone’s smile.

Let’s try this for 7 days.

Probably you will find something important.

Akira Yamaguchi


4 Key words of success in business.

1. Say your opinion loudly, the person who say strong will win.

2. Say your opinion not for you but for your company, it is the way of career up  in organization.

3. Don’t change your opinion by person, if you change your opinion by person, you would lose your trust.

4. Have a humor and charm, it is strong arms to steal person’s hearts.

These are 4 key words of success in business.

Akira Yamaguchi


The nobility of money.

In a certain company in Japan, even if a person have many achievements, if the person make company’s money trouble, they fire the person.

Because they have philosophy that to regard money as important is the base of business person.

They regard business and also employee as important.

The company’s money was made by all employee, so if the person use it unfairly, he or she betray their company staff.

To distinguish between official money and private money is very important thing for business person.

Akira Yamaguchi


The basics of financial affairs.

The basics of financial affairs is the sales goals and the cost forecast.

Even if you are employee or president of big company or manager of small company , if you can make those plan which is realistic and have reason,  the possibility to succeed grows big drastically.

The important thing is “The reason” of the plan.

Why you can make the profit?

How do you make the profit?

What is “the reason”?

Are there the seasonal influence or the exchange influence or the government influence?

If the reason is clear, the plan is good one.

And let’s make cost forcast.

You should the results of last years cost.

Incidentally let’s review useless cost.

The differences between sales and cost is your profit.

Are you excited?

So the plan of sales and cost is also important for your motivation.

Akira Yamaguchi


The power of reducing cost

I talk about the key of business which decide whether or not you become a rich and successful person.
The key is finance.
Many successful Japanese are strict for money.
They are nervous about consumption of a piece of paper.
Actually those company continue to make a lot of profit.
A person except Japan seems to feel that it is useless.
They think that if there are time to reduce small cost, it is better to use time to make more profit.
But please think carefully.
We need a lot of power for making profit than we reduce cost.
Many Japanese know that we can meke more profit by reduding cost than we use more time to make more sales.
So according to the situation Japanese use power to reduce cost than making sales.
And they know the way of reducing cost very well.
It is one reason of the secret that there are many company which is over 100 years in Japan.


Keep clean working space.

Many Japanese success company keep to clean their office and shop.
They sometimes use cleaning service, but in many case they do cleaning by themselves everyday.
Do you think that clean office or shop is related with business success?
Because you are busy, is your office or shop not dirty?
Dirty working space is not only getting staff or customer unpleasant but also causes the mistake and accident.
People think that cleaning time is useless time, but actually cleaning time make a lot of the causes of profit.
So keep cleaning your working space in mind.

Akira Yamaguchi


Do the customer remember your product or service?

The reason that the customer don’t use your product or service is they forget it.
In many case, we don’t recognize it.

You know that human being is an animal to forget.
In these days, there are a lot of information around us.
It means that there are many choices for customer.
If you don’t inform your products or service information effectively,
customer forget them.

But the most important thing for not to be forgot is to be loved by many people.

How should we do to be loved people.
Good design? high service? high quality? good taste? charming staff?

I think these aren’t essential elements.

The most important thing to be dearly loved is to give a strong impression and extreme pleasure, when people use your products or service.

What kind of situation do we feel that?
It is the time when we feel that the shop or company people really value us.

Do you think about customer seriously?

FullSizeRender (1)

People don’t act by command.

If you are manager, you may grieve that your staff don’t act as you think.
If you have subordinate, you may worry about human relations.

I assert first.
People don’t act by command at a business scene.

When you are irritated,  do you not expose anger , because of your staff don’t act as you think?

When you expose anger, human people want to quiet anger instinctively.
So they are hard to quiet your anger, but they hear nothing which is  your word.
They may only say “I’m sorry.”or “I understand”.
Actually they don’t understand anything.

What you have to consider is how do you tell your staff.
Your considerate is not getting through at that point when you can’t consider about that.

When your human relationship is bad going, mostly you consider about only yourself and you lost sight of the important thing.
Probably the situation is “Follow me!”.

If you want to your staff to act as you think, you have to communicate and build trust with your staff first.
You have to communicate with your staff everyday! many time !  to build strongly trust.
It is no exaggeration to say that your business will be good or bad.

The relationship  of mutual trust with you make staff act voluntarily.


The quality of Japanese products.

It is known that the quality of Japanese products is high.
Actually I feel that, when I use other products.
Why is the quality of Japanese products high?
There are many reason.
Today I talk about the summary.

There are a few natural resources in Japan.
So we need to improve our technology of making products in order to survive international competition.

Fortunately Japanese have manual dexterity and patience and  cooperativity.
So we can keep to improve our technology .

But I think the most biggest fact is the nature of Japanese.
“What should we do for more pleasure of our customer.”
Many Japanese business people always consider about it.
There are the concept called “Rita”, and we tend to consider about the pleasure of other person.
So a lot of superior product was created for people’s smile.

The result of this appear at the parts except the products.
For example, There is a seal on several products.
When you peel of the seal, do you have a experience that it is too difficult to peel or turn off color of the product together.

Such a product won’t sell in Japan.
So Japanese products are also improved  their seal.

Look this picture.




It is very easy to peel the seal!!
And product is clear after turn off the seal.

Such a small difference make some biggest difference.
There is a proverb in Japan which means that “Big success factors are related to the details”.
To be particular about details might be the factor of success.


“Chorei” vol.3 | How to do “Chorei”.

“Chorei” archives

The progression of “Chorei” methods are different every company.
I introduce the common “Chorei” method.

1. Gather at the regular time (all the members basecally).

2. At first we start “Chorei” with good greetings.
“Everyone good morning! (with smile!!) “.

3. All of them chant company vision or motto.

4. The person of each section report the result of yesterday and explain today”s plan.

5. The employee gives a speech about the aims of this week.
(If there are many number of employee, chosen person do it.)

6. President of top member make a speech.

7. Closing remarks.
“Let’s work hard today together! ”

To take many time for “Chorei” affect work.
So 10 or 15 minutes is best time.
If your company have the many number of employee, you have to think better way such as doing “Chorei” at each section.

There are company doing “Good & New” instead of making a someone’s speech.

Do you know “Good & New”?
“Good & New” is like a game.
Someone (for example President) take a small ball and say something own good or new news.(clap our hands if over)
Next, the person who have ball call next person’s name and throw  a small ball.
The person who is called own name catch a ball and say own good and new news.
We repeat this as far as time permits.

This “Good & New” is very effective to make employee”s emotion, atmosphere of the company, etc. more excited!
Good or new happy news makes people smile.
Please try this.

“Chorei” archives