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2014-12-10 20.16.24

My friend said “Already you get everything what you want”.

Yesterday I ate dinner with my friend.

We spend happy time with delicious meal and excellent wine  together.

2014-12-10 20.16.24

2014-12-10 20.39.25

When we have some glasses of wine, my friends told me that “Already you get everything what you want. Don’t you?”

I doubted my own ears…”No way!(There should be a lot of things which I want more!)”

He continued and said “You have a wonderful family, friend, business partner,  money, car, safety house, clothes and so on.”

Certainly… I thought about what my friends has said.

I have those things (which is not particularly high-quality).

I noticed and thought again!!!

“How Japanese is rich!”

“How Japanese is insensitive to japan’s wealth!”

Even if I lose all things what I have now,  I can live for the time being and do something all over again from the beginning.

Because I live in Japan.


There are a lot of employment in Japan.

When it is an economic slump, there is the various type employment that is helper, security guard, construction worker,  part-time job of the fast food and so on.

The minimum wages that were determined legally is 888yen (about US $7.49 (today’s rate) ) in Tokyo,Japan.

So even If I lost everything, when I go about my business in earnest, I can get money for life.

In my case, I started on my own.

I am in my mid-30s.

But, I can make money as such.

Probably it is because business environment is good in Japan.


We can use toilet and get water from water service of the park in various parts of Japan. (Of course it is free!!)

Japanese are so kind, so if I said “Please give me some food”, almost people will give something to eat, I expect .

When our life is hard very much by all means, we can receive money by welfare from the government!!!

In any case, Japanese have a lot of wealth, but unfortunately almost Japanese have forgot it and grieve over their misfortune.

Japanese are mysterious race.