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Japan’s bad conditon vol.1 “Japan is island countory is far from other countries”

Do you know where Japan is in the world?

Japan is at  the position that is near to the easternmost tip

(Red island is Japan in map.)


Probably you will be that it was able to be understood that Japan is far from most countries.


Japan is island country surrounded by ocean.


So we can’t use surface transportation and have to use transportation of the air route or shipping with oversea trade.

In this way Japan has the bad condition for trade business with overseas.

The flight times which are needed from Japan by direct flight are as follows.

Singapore — 7hours 50 minutes

Indian Delhi — 10hours 30 minutes

British London — 12hours 30 minutes

US NewYork — 12hours 55 minutes

Australian Sydney— 9hours 40 minutes

So far…

If we use transit air route, it need more time.

And if we use sipping, it takes 1 – 3 months !!

Do you not think that it is a bad condition?


Where is your country ?

Probably is it more better position than Japan?


Japan overcame the bad condition which is easternmost tip, island country, far from almost countries.