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The basics of financial affairs.

The basics of financial affairs is the sales goals and the cost forecast.

Even if you are employee or president of big company or manager of small company , if you can make those plan which is realistic and have reason,  the possibility to succeed grows big drastically.

The important thing is “The reason” of the plan.

Why you can make the profit?

How do you make the profit?

What is “the reason”?

Are there the seasonal influence or the exchange influence or the government influence?

If the reason is clear, the plan is good one.

And let’s make cost forcast.

You should the results of last years cost.

Incidentally let’s review useless cost.

The differences between sales and cost is your profit.

Are you excited?

So the plan of sales and cost is also important for your motivation.

Akira Yamaguchi


The power of reducing cost

I talk about the key of business which decide whether or not you become a rich and successful person.
The key is finance.
Many successful Japanese are strict for money.
They are nervous about consumption of a piece of paper.
Actually those company continue to make a lot of profit.
A person except Japan seems to feel that it is useless.
They think that if there are time to reduce small cost, it is better to use time to make more profit.
But please think carefully.
We need a lot of power for making profit than we reduce cost.
Many Japanese know that we can meke more profit by reduding cost than we use more time to make more sales.
So according to the situation Japanese use power to reduce cost than making sales.
And they know the way of reducing cost very well.
It is one reason of the secret that there are many company which is over 100 years in Japan.