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Early rising is the one of the big success factor.

Is the early rising regarded as important in your country?

Japanese believe that there is a big causal association with everyday act and success.
So successful many Japanese people are early rising.

They are up earlier than other person than common, and do study, gathering information or exercise.

We can get more time to study or work than other person by early rising.
Yes! early rising make a lot of time!!!

This small different makes greatly affects of later success.

Do you not yet believe?

Actually I decided that I will success and start to wake up early, my fortune became better rapidly.
I try to go to office earlier than anyone else.

There is the conception that called “Ingaouhou” in Japan.
This mean is that if people do good act, they would get good result, but if people do bad act, they will be bad result.
Early rising and your future (business or success and so on) don’t have the direct relations.
But there is the marvelous relations causation…^^

In the fact a lot of famous successful people (most Japanese company’s CEO and for example NIKE CEO, Apple CEO, StarbucksCEO, Twitter Founder, Yahoo! CEO and so on) are early riser.

Waking up early everyday give confidence and lead to success.

Well, early riser finish to work, study or take exercise, when common people wake up.
It is the early riser.

If you want to success or change something for your future, let’s try to wake up early.
The most imprtant thing is that you continue it everyday !!!